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Mississippi , I have had a Polder for 3 years and it held up for me , I take it inside everytime and keep it clean and dry. I now have 2 mavericks and keep care of them also; like your car,keep it cared for and.....


I love the fact that I can sit and sip my water without getting up , walking over to the smoker and getting all teared - up  when adding fuel. I still use my old ones (Polder and a Pyrex) to track other stuff I may have in the Smoker. [remember , I don't open my lid to look , I know it's still there and going nowhere].


Be sure to read all the instructions and save yourself a lot of aggrevation when setting up.biggrin.gif


Don't kink the cable , shut it in the door or damage the housing as moisture will get in and the kinks will break the sensor .A little care and they will last a long time.


As stated , ask Todd and he will be more than happy to help. The man is a phenomenal service centered dealer and will take the time to help you.


Have fun with your toy and...