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I have a question to those that have read and made sausage from Stanley and Adam Marianski`s book The Art of making Fermented Sausages. In the recipe section they list Salt 3% ( cure # 2 accounted for ) then they list cure #2  12g. What does cure #2 accounted for mean ???  And do you use salt and cure #2  or one or the other ? It is listed in every recipe the same way...

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The cure is over 90% salt.  The are asking that the recipe be adjusted to allow for that salt.


Good luck and good smoking.

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So I use the salt quanity listed and the amount of cure #2 also ? So the amount of salt has been adjusted for the amount of cure...Is this correct ?

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If they say the cure was  accounted for,  I think they are saying that the total amount of cure and salt equals 3%

If you were to add the salt and cure together does it equal 3%?

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I will have to calculate that to see if it equals 3%.

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

What do you think is the best book out there?

In all honesty I do not think there is a best book out there Ruhlman's - Polcyn book Charcuterie (which I got when it first came out) has a lot of mistakes check There are good books and not so good books I go from Grigson to Marianski and anything in between the list is endless. The ones I might/would class as "best" books as (that I have seen) are written in German and date back to pre/post war. The thing is I will still keep on buying if they help with what I do at work

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