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Pittmasters Turducken Tonight

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A couple of weeks ago we had a thread about the safety of Turducken,  Tonight Pittmasters is doing Turducken.  Might be worth tuning in



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what time and channel

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They did another elimination challenge and kicked off one of the teams without turning in  their Turducken.    Can't say I learned too much.

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I think it's on my DVR. 


I'll watch it today.

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I would like to see stats on how many people get sick eating those things...JJ
















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Now I have eaten many Turduckins in my life and I'm still here and fat as ever. One thing is I would like to make one of them thou. Maybe I can get Al, Bob, and Rick to show us at the LA Gathering this year. One other thing is if you get a chance to go to one of theses atherings you should really try to go. Not only can you put faces and real live people to the names that you meet here you can get alot of really good recipes and ways of doing things too. So pack up and go to a gathering near you. Their popping up all over the country.

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I made a turducken a couple years ago for Thanksgiving. It was one of those " I wonder if I can?" Sort of things. Deboning the birds was the hardest part. I made sure I got each one done as quickly as possible so as to keep them cold. I was really worried about making everyone sick but it worked out. I don't think I'd be comfortable doing one low and slow however. I did mine in a hot oven and cooked to 170 internal. It was really good by the way.

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We'll darn Mark, I just made a post begging you to come to SELA in the bacon curing thread.  Looks like you will make it.  Hot diggitty dog,  if just gets better every day!


BTW  to the people that produce the show.   PLEASE GET RID OF THE DUMB BUTT ELIMINATION CHALLENGES.  I want to see them all do their final product.

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As for "pitmasters" I can't say I'm really all that thrilled with the show. The concept is kinda cool but those extra challenges are a bit silly and unfair. I've personally eaten Harrison Sapp's pulled pork at his place on Saint Simons and I can tell you its some of the finest I've ever had. Plus he's a hell of a nice guy. Ridiculous to be dq"d from a bbq comp for catfish. Sent from my PC00 using Tapatalk

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You know the people that get DQed do stupid stuff.  I wonder if it is a set up for entertainment.   Nobody serves raw frog legs or catfish with the head attached.  I could have cooked the frog legs on the grill in 5 minutes with a hot fire.  They would not have been any good but they would at least give the guy a chance.

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These shows are from last year? The new season I believe starts around Labor Day?

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I saw 3 or 4 of them this morning they are on Disc. ch. 182 on Dish...

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