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My first smoke - Brisket

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I built a smoker out of an old oven and thought I would try it out for the first time with a brisket. Actually, this was the first time for me to smoke anything. I thought it turned out really well. It was moist, tender, and had a slight smoke flavor...not too much! Thanks to SQWIB's thread on thin blue smoke! I had no idea about that and read over his thread...I instantly went from a smoker full of smoke to just a slight TBS coming out. I'll post some pics later of my smoker. I just use a rub of paprika, onion and garlic powder, pepper, sea salt, brown sugar, chili powder, and rosemary. I also sprayed it down twice with a mixture of Dale's Seasoning liquid, olive oil, and dr. pepper. I had my smoker preset at 225 but when I put the meat in it went to 200..I had it turned all the way up (electric) but I finally got the temp back to 225 by adding more wood to my pan. It was about a 8 lb brisket and it took me about 12 hrs....I cut it off at 185 internal temp. I'm sure my smoke was not textbook but it tastes good! lol


it won't let me add pictures for some reason...says I don't have permission

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Was finally able to upload pics!



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A admin should come around and unlock you, it keeps the spammers out that way. icon14.gif

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yeah I was finally able to upload them!  Thanks!

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Looks nice & juicy Fred!   icon14.gif


Great job for your first try!

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Thanks Al!  Can't wait to start smoking more stuff!

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