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Weekend Tri-tips

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With the In Laws coming over this past weekend, I threw a couple of tri-tips on the grill.  I did one unseasoned for my wife and one that pre-marinated using a wonderful marinade form a local Hispanic store. 


Thrown on the smoker




My CG Outlaw leaking like a sieve but still maintaining temp.



I threw them on the smoker at 250 degrees, but after about 3 hours they still weren’t to 145, so I had to throw them onto the gas grill to finish them.  My wife and MIL like their food to be burnt black so I had to take a few slices and put them on the gas grill a little longer.


Bear view




We all preferred the marinated ones (top bear view pic).

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Looks delicious!  icon14.gif

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Love tritips - your look great

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Looks good, a shame to have to cook them to 145° or more but I understand you have to please who you are cooking for. Thank goodness my wife like her meat medium rare to medium. Of couse the rest of my family is a different story. I pretty much have to make shoe leather for my Mom to eat it, LOL.

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Last time I did burgers, I gave my wife and MIL a briquette and told them that those were their burgers since they always tell me "make them black."  Where my FIL and I thought it was funny, they did not.

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I have loved tri-tips long before they became a fashionable meat.  Used to darn near get them for free, and skirt steak as well--Funny how the 'gitz' folks finally come to their senses and admit that a tri tip is one great tasting piece of meat.  Look delicious and nicely done.  first.gif



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For having been forced into well done, it looks like you did a great job.  Fortunately, the tri tip is still edible at higher temps.  I would have fed one to them and cooked mine my way.  LOLOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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I leftthe extremely well done pieces out of the shots, as I don't want you all think that I burned some of it.


I have grown up with tri-tip all my life and I was taught to leave a little pink in the center, so that isthe way I did it and just threw the few peices bak on the gril to cook longer.

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Looks darn good to me,nice job.icon14.gif  I also remember as a kid we would go to the Mexican meat markets and get flank steak and tri tips as you wouldn't find them at the regular grocery stores. 

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Unless everyone is demanding well done as in Backyard's case, the tri tip is the perfect cut.  By nature the center can come out med to med rare while the ends are med well to well done.  When EVERYONE is demanding well done, I just might send them next door to eat the neighbor's garbage.  LOLOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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