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Recommend sealing smoker or not? pic included

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Hey gang, so I've been lurking in the background for a few weeks now just trying to read some things. One thing I've read is to seal the smoker with some high temp RTV sealant or Rutland's rope, and then in other posts I also read bah don't worry about it. So based on these particular pictures what would you say? Keep in mind that the exhaust is not wide open. I go back and forth on sealing it or not and using silicone or the rope.



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If you can't maintain the heat in the chamber then seal it up.


If your just worried about losing smoke, it doesn't need to be sealed.


With all that smoke I don't think you need that mosquito bucket.

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ROTF.gif  what Al said !!!!!

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putting out smoke certainly doesn't seem to be a problem......the neighbors have got to be jealous when you fire that baby up and the sweet smell of Q filters thoughout the neighborhood!  101.gif

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Basically what al said, if you are losing alot smoke or heat form the firebox then seal it up, if you are losing heat put of your chamber or having trouble keeping temps in it then seal it up too.   If I were to guess, you look ok, I don't see any smoke coming out of your fire box, so it looks like too me if your smoke chamber is holding temps ok then I wouldn't worry about it.

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Alrighty thanks gents. That particular session was grilling up some chicken I believe so there wasn't anything in my fire box. I laughed at your comment about the bucket Al.

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