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Chuckie Bourguignon - Smoker meets Julia Child

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After seeing Gros Cochon's Pepper Stout Beef Chuck -, I got inspired to try something similar.  I pondered for several weeks and decided to try it with Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon method -


I will not go into all the details of the sauce making.  I followed most of Julia's method, except for the obvious meat difference.


The fact this thing came together is testament of my dedication and perseverance.  1/2 way through the smoking of the roast and the making of the wine reduction and stock, a major thunderstorm blew in.  I barely got the burger and sausage stuffers out of the smoker when the storm hit.  The Masterbuilt Propane was left on low, and with the roast in it, they both survived gusts of 30 mph, and sideways rain.  The burner never went out!


It was so impressive of a storm that I wanted to go out and get a video of it.  As soon as I stepped one foot out the door, a lightning bolt hit the transformer on the pole right behind my house.  We immediately lost power.  Long story short... 4 hours no electricity.  There are some gaps with no pics, most during the making of the sauce.  I apologize for  that, but I did the best I could to get this Sunday dinner finished.


All started out well with a nice 4.5 lb. chuckie rubbed with a basic S, P, garlic, onion, dry mustard rub.  24 hours in the fridge after these shots.


Chuckie Bourguignon 001.jpg


Chuckie Bourguignon 002.jpg


Q-View before the storm.  Mesquite and hickory chunks, 225 temp:


Chuckie Bourguignon 003.jpg


No pics of the finished stuffers.  Had to put them away during the power outage. 


After the storm, 165 and ready for braising:


Chuckie Bourguignon 004.jpg


Into the pan of red wine, onion, garlic, thyme, and browned bacon, which was reduced as much as possible on the Weber grill, ready for foil:


Chuckie Bourguignon 005.jpg


After learning of no estimated time of a power restore, I went into generator set up mode and got the fridges and freezers powered up, ran cords for lights and a window unit a/c.  Time got away from me, and so did the roast.


By the time I could get back to the roast it was 212 degrees!  Rut roh!  It was a tad dry, but the sauce at the end help it out.


Chuckie Bourguignon 006.jpg


Chuckie Bourguignon 007.jpg


Power is back on, and I can finish the sauce.  Strained the wine reduction, de-fatted it, into the pot with pearl onions and quartered mushrooms, a lil' tomato paste, and some beef stock.  Added some roux and reduced it down to a smooth glace. 


Chuckie Bourguignon 010.jpg


Roast pulling time!


Chuckie Bourguignon 008.jpg


The obligatory Bear View:


Chuckie Bourguignon 009.jpg


The building of the bowl.  Atop some low carb pasta:


Chuckie Bourguignon 012.jpg


Next step.  Gotta have green:


Chuckie Bourguignon 013.jpg


Topped with sauce, shrooms, and onions:


Chuckie Bourguignon 015.jpg


The money dinner shot:


Chuckie Bourguignon 016.jpg


I was really pleased with this dish.  So many different flavors going on.  It is definitely one I will do again.  I really like beef bourguignon done Julia's way.  But this kicks it up several notches!  Plus I didn't have to stand in the kitchen browning individual pieces of beef.  


For a while I thought Julia was pissed off at me when several more lightning strikes hit way too close to the house during the power outage.  But I think she would be proud of this one.


I'm smiling because tonight it gets a re-run!



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Way Better than hers!!!!


Awesome BearViews!!!

I zoomed in on the one you called "BearView", and it was like walking through a Jungle, but all of the trees & undergrowth were made of Succulent Beef!!!

Then I woke up!!!



Thanks for showing,


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Thank you, thank you very much, Mr. Bear!  icon_lol.gif

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Awesome post and perserverance. This one has been bookmarked and a Scarbelly version is in the future

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I always hated red wine in cooking until I learned to use it properly.  Used improperly it can impart a strong and nasty flavor.


Julia was an icon because she brought good cooking to us in a way that we could accept.


I, for one, miss her and her sense of humor!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Now that belongs on the carousel in all the spaces, Julia "R.I.P." can't hold a wine glass to that. sausage.gif

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That's beautiful!


It definitely should be on the carousel!

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You all are too kind!  Better than Julia's.... I dunno.  A nice meal, yes.  Julia was awesome!  She took the mystery out of how to cook real food and put it in terms anyone can understand.  (except mrs. scooper.  she lets me do all the cooking around here.).  Not only was she funny on her shows, she put a lot of that humor in her books too.  They are a good read.  The library has them.


Venture, being a chef for a couple decades helped with my knowledge of what's going on in the pot with the wine reduction and stock.  You are right about wine if it is used wrong.  Just pouring wine into a sauce will not produce good results. 


I will say this to whoever is planning to make it.  Keep the sauce on the thinner side, not thick like gravy, and make lots of it.  The pasta and meat are very thirsty, and sucked up quite a bit.  I had to stretch out the leftover sauce a bit to re-run it last night.  No biggie.  More reduced wine and stock.  Baby Brussies this time.  And a heavy dusting of GBP.


Chuckie Bourguignon 018.jpg



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Mighty nice looks awsomegrilling_smilie.gif

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That really looks good. I watch Julia everyday on the Cooking Ch. 

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Looks real good Scooper! I think Julia would be proud that you took one of her recipes and made it your own.

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Fantastic looking meal!!! Way to hang in there with mother nature beating you around. Thanks for sharing the excellent Q-View!!!drool.gif

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That is such a great idea, and it looks incredibly delicious. I will definately try it out. Thanks for sharing Scooper.

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Awesome looking chuckie!  Looks like something I just have to try.  Thanks for the post and the great idea!!

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