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3-1.5-1 Ribs

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As I tell my friends, smoking meat is more of an art form than a science! My last experiment was with some baby back ribs, which I prepped with yellow mustard, dry rub, overnight and into the smoker. Using my A-MAZE-N smoker with my MES 40, I put some pellets in the bottom of the tray (dust tray) and covered them with saw dust. It slowed the smoke very nicely. I got three hours of smoke using just over two rows.( I am going to try putting the dust on the bottom and sprinkling a few pellets on top, as I had some unburned pellets remaining afterward.) I smoked the ribs at 225 for three hours, foiled them with a little apple juice for an hour and a half, then  brushed some sauce on top and smoked them for another hour. Tender, but not completely falling off the bone. Only complaint I got was that these were a little more fatty; I purchased them on sale at a local grocery store. I've had better results from Costco.



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Looks like they came out great drool.gif


Thanks for the Qview thumb1.gif

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They sure look great from here.


If you want them more fall off the bone, just leave them in the foil a little longer.


That's what I have to do here.


If the ribs are falling apart as I try to get them off the grate, then that's how they like them here.


So that's how I make them!

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Nice job, they look great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Man they look great yummy.imagesCAGZ7UBV.jpg

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Great looking ribs. drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks great well done

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