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Ham in New MES40

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Oh wow, that looks so good ! nana2.gifExcellent job on that ham. drool.gificon14.gif Thanks for the kind words, I'm far from a master, just a knucklehead that likes good smoked food and to share my finds. Looking forward to your next smoke and thanks for the BearView. icon_smile.gificon14.gif

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P.S. You just gave me an idea, the pineapple and cherry would make a great smokey daiquiri. drool.gif

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Many good men have shed blood so you could have that opinion of your abilities.......Even if they are wrong. Thank you for your words on the ham.



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looks very juicy, well done.

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It certainly looks nice.  How was it?  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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The ham looks perfect!


Great job!

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This is at least a Trifecta!!!!

Great Ham!

Great Qview!

Great BearView!


Really looks Awesome!!!


You asked questions----That proves you are not ignorant !


Pleasure helping such a nice guy!



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Thanks for the kind words, Guys. Yes,Venture, it was good.

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