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My First Boneless, Skinless Turkey Breast

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My wife is slicing up my first attempt at a turkey breast.  Took about 6.5-7.0 hours.  Starting weight was a touch over 9 lbs.  Put it in a simple brine Friday night, took it out this morning and put a simple rub on it and let it rest while I fired up the smoker.  Came out tender, juicy and full of flavor.  Finally got a little smoke ring as well.  Started with a chicken two weeks ago, and then tried a brisket last week, and now this turkey.  I am loving my entry level smoker that my wonderful wife got me for my birthday on July 13th.  It is a Master Forge bullet smoker from Lowes.  Enjoy the pics.



Turkey Breast 1.jpgSmoke Ring.jpgTurkey Slice.jpgMy First smoke, the chicken;

Picture 152.jpgThen the Brisket;

Picture 158.jpg

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Looks like you have your new smoker dialed in.


Everything you smoked looks great!


Sounds like your wife is enjoying your b-day present as much as you!

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It looks great well done

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All looks good, the turkey breast looks nice and moist. That takes some skill particularly if the breast is skinless.  Good job



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Looks great, nice job. icon14.gif

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