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Wet Wood Pellets

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I got careless and let most of a bag of pellets absorb moisture during the stormy week here in the Midwest. Just discovered it last night when I went to do a tri-tip. I have them spread on the patio to dry right now -- but they look more like sawdust for the Amaz'n than pellets for the Traeger. Any advice on how to salvage and / or use?

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All you can do is let them dry out naturally. 

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Use em in your  AMZN


The fan on your Traeger will make lots of blowing wood dust... Been there done that.

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Thanks guys!


Just got them in ahead of the NEXT storm -- nasty around North Chicago this afternoon.


After looking them over I will definitely use them as "dust". No way they would feed in the augur on the pellet pooper.


Live (and read...) and learn!

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