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Sorry I meant to add two things before I posted, but got into a rush. 


The flame issue:

You might try opening the door slower so there is not as much air movement in the beginning



If you add 2 more exhausts, I would make them adjustable.  You might find that you are losing heat faster than you want.  By making them adjustable it will allow some control.

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Figure I would answer a few posts in one...


For the dimensions on the inside it is just about 43 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 69 at the top front.  It is insulated.  I did NOT use the normal home insulation but used appliance insulation that is used in the stove. I didn't want to take a chance of having anything leech in so I figured if it was good enough for a stove it would be good enough for a smoke.  The stuff isn't cheap and I probably could have done without it but it's cold in the winter so I wanted it to maintain the temp in the winter months. 


Three vents.  One on the bottom door and one in the ceiling and the other on the right top side.  Has two thermometers which you can see on the front and then a digital on the side so I can check the smoker temp and the meat temp (dual probe).  It has the VENTURA 500ES cold smoker and the aquarium pump is on the back of the smoker.


You have seen the LARGE burner.  Like I said when I called they said this one would be fine.  I believe you are all right... it is MORE than enough.  I did call Tejas and we found out I was actually using a High Pressure regulator and I should have been using a Low Pressure regulator which I rectified but I could get the temp down to 195 and the gas is turned down so low I can't believe it is still that hot inside. 


For the money I'm going to order the burner Pops recommeded.. I'm at the point of no return :-).  If that doesn't seem to do the trick I'll look at other methods.  I thought about some sort of an "exhaust" fan but I was more worried about it sucking out the smoke and along with the heat and sort of defeat the purpose of the smoker.  I have a 4 inch 24vdc blower for a boat.  Can't remember what is is really used for and I thought about using that but if I attempt this should it go on the exhaust or intake?  I have a PWM motor controller that I can use to control the speed of the motor. I could probably use an AC fan / motor and use some sort of rheostat to control the speed.  I'm open to suggestions.


Hey guys if I have said it I appreciate all your help even if I didn't reply to each of your posts.  I'll be ordering the new burner first and see how that goes. If that doesn't work then I guess it's time to start putting more intake and exhaust (or larger) in the house.


Thanks again

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Nice build.


Here is waht i did to combat my high heat problem in my smokehouse. Now keep in mind mine is 4' x 8'


I had a 100,000 btu burner and had the heat problems. I reduced down to a 50,000 burner and even a 20,000. Opened the lower vent fully and the chimney vent 1/2. This gave me maintainable temps between 160-190* Also keep in mind your smoking not doing bbqat 225. A smokehouse like you built needs to breath and you will have smoke coming from around the door.


Lower vent open for incoming air flow, Top vent for natural draw.


Since going first with LPG i have switched to a pellet system with control where i can maintain 180* And like others have stated, outside temps can really put the screw to your temps inside the smoker.


Hope this helps some.

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Sorry I'm late for the party


If it were mine I would have the burner completely outside the box



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