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Aint no thing, not even a chicken wing.

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So I landed some gift cards to a new bbq place in town called Moe's at a charity fundraiser.  Turns out they are the best bbq joint in town, although thats not saying much.  I really liked their wings, they smoke them then fry them for a minute to crispy the outsides.


So I figured I would try up the same experiment, my neighbor is a fry guy and we are collaborating on this experiment.  But krogers is all out of wings, so drumsticks and thighs it is, sigh.


Seasoned up with salt and pepper, grill mates spicy montreal, and cayenne.



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Sounds great. 

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Prolly ought to post up some pix, or else get called out.


My camera is doing somehting funky though, the colors are all wron gin these pics.





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OK looks good so far i will wait

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I think that's the way pineywoods does wings. I would like to try it, but don't have a fryer.

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Ok this didnt work out right.


I smoked the chicken for too long, and then when we put the chicken in the fryer the damn nearly blew up!


It was very juicy on the inside still, almost as good as when I use my vert.


So then we floured the chicken and fried more normally, but the flour would fall off in the oil, and that wasnt cutting it either. 


it was dissapointing enough that I didnt take pics.


I know that I am on to something here, but possibly using thighs and drum instead of wings and drumettes made a difference, also, need to try and sauce the wings before flouring so that the flour has something to grab on to.


Also, seeings how I overcooked the chicken anyways, the skin had shrunk back in a lot of places, and that seems to be what I am trying to crisp up anyways.


Guess I found a way to do it wrong, will try again soon.  I would like to get it right for football season.

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