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First Fatties and Ribs

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Well I'm starting my first Fatties today. Sharp Chedder and Baked Ham inside.  It should be pretty easy the temp in the smoker was 130 before I even started a fire.  i am also trying an old recipe for ribs I got working in a restaurant that had a "Chinese Smoker.


Marinate Ribs for 1 hour in soy sauce

Cover with brown sugar and rub in

Sprinkle on Salt and Garlic powder

Smoke for 5 to 6 hours.DSCN5933.JPGDSCN5934.JPG

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Nice.  What are you going to do with that little slice of meat there?   Just asking.....32.gif

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Looking good so far.

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Looks great so far. icon14.gif

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Looks good so far, keep us posted!
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Nice what does the finnished product look like?

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Are they done yet?

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Did you take any   pix ?

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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post

Did you take any   pix ?

Yeah, I did!




I brought the Fatties out when the reached temperature.  I learned to insert the temp probe into the end, not through all layers of cheese. I always trim the flap off the ribs as a treat for the head cook.





I put on Fattie in the freezer and put the other back on the pit when I took the foil off the ribs for the last hour.

Goooood eatin!!!



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Holy cow Wes, You hit a homer!!


The fattie & the ribs look like they should be on the carousel!


If you sliced the ribs I bet they would be.


The color is just perfect!

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Excellent.  Nice weave and beautiful color.


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's what I was waiting for. drool.gificon14.gif

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Well done they look great!

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You did a real good job !!!!!! Perfect color...drool.gif

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Thank you all for the nice comments.  As good as they looked was nothing compared to the way they tasted. We couldn't get enough!


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i decided to do my first fattie i got the ingridients ant prep but i could use some help with cooking temp and time. and wood suggestion

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A COLD beer and loved ones  looks good lets eat

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