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saturday smoke (qview)

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very busy day  yesterday  was  but was able to get in 2 racks and a butt , the butt was a little over 6 lb and took about 9hrs  i have been using JNRR  on all my meat , however this time i seen a few new products at the store and decided to give them a try . the butt is still wrapped in foil as soon as i unwrap it i will post pics  but here are the ribs. also i used oak for smoke  with a few  hand-fulls of hickory 







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pics are not posting for some reason and link doesnt take you to it either????? what gives??

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Can't you load it direct to here ?

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never mind


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It looks great juicy  and  yummy th_sSig_goodjob2.gif

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Great looking chow !!!


 Nice pics...thanks for sharing!!



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good looking ribsicon14.gif

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Great looking ribs!



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Looks great. drool.gificon14.gif

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