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my husband and i are about to smoke chicken wings using our Brinkmann Vertical Gas Smoker for the first time. We are worried because when we seasoned the smoker we couldn't get it to produce smoke.


Here is exactly what we did:



Soaked 4 cups of Charbroil brand wood chips in water for 30 mins and put them in the top pan


lined the bottom pan with foil and filled it with water and juice


turned it up to 180 degrees per the the instructions and let it burn for 1 hour.


towards the end of that hour there was just no smoke so we turned it up to see if we could get the wood chips going. We weren't able to get them smoking.


Is that normal? Did we do something wrong?


Today we are going to smoke chicken wings, any suggestions you have will be a great help

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Not familiar with your smoker but I would think the chips need to be closer to the fire.  Am I right thinking that the water pan is between the fire and the chips?  What did the instructions that came with the smoker say?


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in that smoker the chips are in bottom pan and water in top pan

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The instructions say to place the water in the "lowest section of the smoker" ... but after  your post, we read it again and it also says to reference another portion of the instructions ... which say the wood chips go on the bottom!


We're going to season it again :)



Thank you!

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Sounds like you figured it out!

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Good luck and don't forget the qview. 

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