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Cut the small one. Needs some fridge time to dry and reduce the green weight.


Taste is good.



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Looks-Great.gifas always.

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O BOY O BOY it looks good thanks for the recipe

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I Bow To You My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That even looks like Pepperoni !!!


I thank you for the recipe!



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Very nice job !!!

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It looks great Nepas, gonna give it a try!

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Yeah taste like pepperoni.


I think the pepproni needed another 1-2 days in the fridge to dry. My wife said no its good.....Hey whadda i know...hit.gif



Ready to cut.




Cut in half's this will give me 10 bags with 2 ea.




Looks good, taste good....Hey just like pepperoni ...HA....Next time maybe 2 Tbs extra paprika.




Ready to go.


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Nuff said!



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mm that looks so good, anyway this n00b could get the recipe?  icon14.gif

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Id love to have the recipe as well!  Could you email me or pm it to me?



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Hate to ask but can i get the reciepe also?  Looks great!

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