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brisket for me this weekend

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Almost 50 pounds of brisket!  




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Looks like a great start, thinking of doing a brisket tomorrow


By far my favorite meat to smoke, think it is the challenge of getting it perfect

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That was last night around 7:30 or so! 


it's 7:15 so just shy of 12 hrs my temps have been running between 220-260 I rotated the briskets every 3-4 hours just put them in foil.



The small brisket is 12# it's internal temp is 160

The medium # brisket is15# internal temp is 182

And the large brisket is 17# and an internal temp 185


what the hell is going on here ? shouldn't the smaller brisket be reading the higher temp?  Also at the old rule of 1.5 hours per pound the 17# should be done late afternoon but i'm only in it 12 hrs and 10 degrees from 195 ? i guess the temp could stick at 185 for oh 10-12 hours but i'm not thinking so!


Not complaining they look and smell fantastic i'm just trying to get a handel on the new BBQ


Addendum... turns out my meat thermometer is off !






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They sure look good so far!

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so far so good

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That's alot of brisket, looks great. drool.gif

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All that and I totally spaced off getting pics of the finished products frown.gif


Not as thick of a smoke ring as I would have liked other than that I was happy with the results.



I did a lemon pepper rub base ,  then frenches yellow mustard,  then trager prim rib rub over that and  fresh coarse black pepper the wood was oak & pecan and charcoal  

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Just remember the smoke ring does not add any flavor, it just looks cool!

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Any sliced pics? 

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No, that's what i was talking about got wrapped up in the moment and forgot to photo the best part wife.gif

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