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Smokin my first turkery this weekend.

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Got a 14 pounder I'm gonna be doing. Gonna brine it and use a nice rub on it will post some q view of the whole process as I get going.
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Sounds like you have your turkery smokering stragery all worked out!! :)

I kid. Good luck on the smoke and I can't wait to see the pics!!

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Make sure you get to 165* IT with the salmonella scare going around. Good luck and don't forget the pics!

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Def will post the pics. N 165 degrees for sure safety first! :)
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Sounds like a plan....................grilling_smilie.gif

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Will be waiting, don't forget to get that bird from 40-140 degrees in 4 hours. Get it straight from the fridge to smoker for best results. icon14.gif

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OK heres Part1: Its a basic brine, salt, sugar, peppercorns, carrots, onions, garlic, thyme. WIll post more pics tomorrow! Now its the waiting game....


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Just seasoned the smoker for the am. Can't wait to get this going!yahoo.gif
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TUrkey is all seasoned with a basic rub, chili,onion,garlic powder. salt,pepper, cayenne pepper and sugar. See you in 4 hours at the half way point folks!!!


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Still here!


Looks good so far!

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4 hours in hit the mark to get out of tempature danger zone and this is what we look like right now.


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It's looking real good!

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Looking good. icon14.gif

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Hey guys I didn't forget bout yas just after that long smoke yesterday I was exhausted! Here's the scoop.. turkey came out great. Very juicy amazing flavor smoke was a lil heavy but not to overpowering. The family n friends loved it.not a prominant smoke ring not sure y thi didn't happen any thghts? I still have a lot of tweaking to do with the new smoker but other then no smoke ring I was very happy with end result of the bird. On a side note I started using kingsford hickory briquettes. And they where awful burned through a whole bag in prob 6 hrs they didn't get hot enough and just burned out to quick. So me being the genious I am thght to myslef "self y the hell didn't you check the forums to see what good charcoal to use" now I knw many will say lump but I can't seem to find any good lump around here just the cowboy lump and I've read here to stay away from that lol. So I read and read and the next best alternative charcoal I could finf from the posts I read on forums was stubbs. I gotta tell you the diffrence was night and day. It heated up quico got to a good internal temp in the chamber and stayed there for a long time! This will now be my starter charcoal of choice once I start going to mostly wood fires. At one point I was sure I had achieved the thin blue smoke but both my cell phone and my wifes where to dead to take a pic so it will have to wait till the next smoke. I will post turkey pics soon. Hope every1 had a great weekend!
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Sry for the sprelling errors guys doing this from my cell phone and my fingers are to big for the small keys lol
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