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congratulation_graphics_2.gifThank for all you have gave to SMF.Congratulations.gif

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An average of 12 posts a day for 2 years solid... WOW!

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9,000 POSTS. What can I say?!?!!!  I have read your words religiously since before I signed up to be a member. You have given you wisdom, help and advice to so many, so unselfishly so many times, I cannot count.  I have learned a great deal from you, as well as others, and have rigorously followed some of your step-by-steps and have been able to produce wonderful results. There are alot of members that must appreciate you and your posts, whether they agree or not, and you can count me as one.  A friend, although we never met, that I know I can get your honest opinion from and be assured that you gave it with honesty.


Congradulations to you on your accomplishments within this wonderful forum.  Hope the next 9,000 even brings more!!!


Your friend,,Rich



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Cograts Bear!!! To celebrate a nice Bear roast and Bear ribs?yahoo.gif



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X2 on what AlaskanBear said, wish you and Mrs. Bear the best in the future.
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Between your recipes and your tutorial on carpenter bees, you have been invaluable!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Trust me Bear you have made a differance in my life.... one that will take years and years of therapy! laugh1.gif


Congrats Bear! You are definately one of the folks that help to make this site such a great success!

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You have helped me learn so much since joining here. Your tutorials are great. Helped me make my first bacon come out perfect. Keep them coming.

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I feel the love!!!

I would like to take the time to thank each of you, one at a time, but that would just take too much time & too much room on this forum, and that index finger on my right hand would never hold up doing all of that typing, all by itself!!!

All of your comments ,make me feel so good about all of the help I have attempted to give, through hundreds of PM questions, thousands of open forum comments, and I know many of you like my Step by Steps.

I appreciate your kind words more than you can imagine. You guys are surely the cream of the crop, and I appreciate all of the beautiful kind words. People who have not dealt with you guys personally, like I have, are really missing out on hanging with some outstanding human beings!!!

I was actually starting to second guess whether I should keep trying to help people, after being banned, then after losing my OTBS status, and then being told that I have a "My way or No way" attitude, and being told that there are actually people who won't come on this forum, because I am here. I am so rotten that people hate me!!!  I asked for proof of that "My way or No way" in some of my 9,000 posts, and I even looked for them myself, and I couldn't find any evidence.

Maybe the fact that I put exactly how to do things in my step by steps, means I'm saying you have to do exactly what I say, to some people.
If I don't put exactly how I do it in a step by step, it wouldn't be a very good step by step. I want them to be easy to follow---not confusing!
If someone can point out a "My way or No way" in a few of my posts, I can assure you I would be quick to apologize, unless of course I was fighting to explain why something is or isn't safe. It is not easy to give in on a safety issue, if I know I'm right.

Actually the only time I get really serious about how to do things is when "Safety" is in the picture. Then I may be bullheaded, because I feel it is so important to not have unsafe things in threads, especially because some new guys could get in trouble. Sure, I realize it is each of our responsibilities to follow safe procedures, but it doesn't help if we who know the right ways do not try to help others learn those things. I figure for every one person who doesn't like that, there are 500 who appreciate it.
I have learned my lesson---From now on if it is a safety issue, and a certain 3 or 4 people are involved, I will flag it & let the moderators deal with it. Any other occasion, I will continue to help as many of you as I can.
I'm not here to fight with people---I'm here to help & to learn.

After reading so many kind words from so many wonderful people, I am no longer worried about the lies that have been told about me. The truth is on this thread, and no matter what happens to me, I will be "One Happy Bear", because I have met so many of you on this forum!  Also anything I said above is not meant to start trouble. It is merely to explain the way I think, and why I conduct myself the way I do. It is also not to argue about. If you disagree with anything I said above, I don't want to hear about it in this thread. This thread is all about LOVE !
I used no names, so nobody should feel the need to defend themselves.

I'm done for now----Gotta go rest my typing finger!

Don't stop now though---If I helped make things easier for you, let me know!!! I love reading it, and Mrs Bear is finally learning that my time on here has been well spent, and appreciated by so many!!!

Thanks Everyone,

PS: I also want to thank all of you who wanted to raise the devil in my support, for listening to me & not getting yourselves in trouble. You all know who you are & I appreciate your concern, but This is still a great forum, whether I'm here or not. Thanks Again!
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Thank you Bear.............. Its people like you that make this site so great......................icon14.gif




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And 9,000 good ones !!!!

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Ahhhhh you SillyOld Bear! See I think we were brothers seperated at birth...Great job helpin all of us!



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9 grand.......wow....congrats! yes you are a knucklehead but a free discussion is where people learn. keep up the fight bear.............

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Roller, SOB, and NinjaRob,

You guys are just as wonderful as the rest of the gang on SMF!!!

And I have learned many things from you too!!!




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Originally Posted by Shooter1 View Post

Congrats Bear, keep em coming brother!


By the way, remember when you did the carpenter bee thread? You asked if anyone was interested and I was one of the ones who was. You then did a very thorough and informative thread. Well I went on vacation this Summer with some friends that had just built a house on top of a mountain in Brasstown, NC. Now they do not have an actual log cabin like you but they went with a log siding that looks just like whole logs, very beautiful. The first day we arrived and they were showing us around and I noticed a perfect hole in the overhead beams and then I started looking on the wooden deck for sawdust and of course there was some. I tell them you have a carpenter bee problem and if you don't do something about it soon you are going to have these holes everywhere. Well we were there for a week and we found new holes everyday. I told them about you and the carpenter bee thread and they wanted me to fire up the computer right away. When I showed them the thread they were amazed and were going to order a trap right away and then have their builder construct a bunch of them to match the house. I was the hero thanks to you and a thread about a carpenter bee on a BBQ forum.


Who would've thunk it?


Thanks Bear!


Thank You Shooter!

That's a nice looking house, and just about the same color as mine too!


I think I'd hate to mow the yard though.


We looked at a few of them, before we picked ours. The only place, from the outside, that it's easy to tell it isn't real logs is on the corners.

They still look really nice, but they may even be bigger targets for Carpenter Bees, than real log houses, because of the size of the cell structure.

The Carpenter Bee generally goes into the wood about 3/4" to 1" deep. Then she makes a right turn, and drills with the grain in a pore of the wood.

The only part of my house that they never drilled is the logs themselves, I believe because every log is the heart of a tree, and the pores are very small & tight in the center of the tree. They seem to like Facia, Soffit, Decks, Railings, 2 X whatever, and anything else with a cell structure from near the outside of a tree.


You will even be a bigger Hero, when they contact you, and tell you how many Bees they caught !!  icon14.gif





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Bear you are one of the main reasons I post my Q-View.  When I first joined this board over a year ago I would have never though documenting my BBQ adventures would become the hobby that it is.  We all know you love your Bear view so I post with the anticipation that it gets you approval.  I don't think I would be the BBQ cook I am today with our your encouragement. 

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Keep um coming Bear !!!!!!!

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I wasn't gonna, but these compliments are all so nice, I gotta answer them!

Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post



Yes, You have!





Thank You Todd !




Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

Congrats Bear!!


You have helped lots of folks..including me!!!



non illegitimus carborundum 



  Have a great day!!!



Thanks Craig!!

And "I won't"




Originally Posted by Roller View Post

Bear your the best. And the step by steps you have posted are always right on. YES you are a inspiration to this forum..LOVE those Bears that you carved...Thanks and Congratulations !!!!

Thank You Much, Roller!!!



Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Brother Bear, Where would BEAR VIEW be without you! Congrats!...JJ

LOL---Thanks Jimmy!



Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post

Thanks for all the valuable info Bear!! I hope I can contribute 1/10 as much to this forum as you have.

Thanks Bum!!

You've already been Great!!




Originally Posted by biteme7951 View Post

Nice Job Bear!!!


When looking thru a tread with a lot of responses, sometimes I am guilty of skimming over some of them but I always stop when I see your Avatar because I know it will be relevant and very Informational.  I have always valued your opinion and have tried a few of your step by step recipes and have had great success.


Keep it up my man!





Thanks Barry---I'm glad I could help!




Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Bear my friend you a great asset to all here on SMF. I just wonder how many members have been enlightened by your tutorials ! Looking forward to the next 9000. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Thank You Very Much, Meat !!!  I hope another 9,000 !



Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Bear, You know how much I have learned from you.....I appreciate your time and dedication to making smoked meats easier for us "newbees" to understand.


Your friend in smoking food......Dave

Thanks Dave!!!---But you are no Newby, and I learned a lot from you too!!!




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congrats bear your post's are always good and full of info 2thumbs.gif

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Wow Bear! 9000, are your fingers getting shorter?


Just kidding, you have been a great asset to this site & have helped so many with your tutorials.


Almost every day I run across a thread that they are thanking you for your help.


Looking forward to 9000 more.

Thanks Al----These Great people are always polite, and not afraid to show their appreciation.


Also, it is only one typing finger that is getting shorter, but it is getting very muscular!!!  biggrin.gif




Originally Posted by Chef Willie View Post

wow...9000 posts in a little under 2 years, impressive indeed. Thanks for all the info and advice posted. I know I have made good use of much of it and still have things on my list to do thanks to your threads. It's been my great pleasure to use your posts as information blogs when wanting to tackle a new smoke. You, and many others on here, make this the best forum to be on, learn from and avoid pitfalls that we may otherwise may have fallen into. Oh, and some of that wierd shit you smoke and eat amazed me <grin>. Keep 'em coming buddy....thanks for everything....looking forward to many more posts from you....best regards, Willie

Thanks Willie!!


Your posts are always informative & fun !!!


So, how many sets of Shad Roe should I put you down for???  biggrin.gif




Originally Posted by Smokin - K View Post

You are one of my go to reads. If you type I listen. Congrats and keep em coming! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

Thanks for the kind words, K!!!



Originally Posted by pawoodswalker View Post

Congrats on 9000 posts. Thats a lot of typing. I'm still a newbie here but i still appreciate all your knowledge that you share.

Thank You!




Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Hey my friend, 9000 - wow you need to get a lifebiggrin.gif  Love ya man - great job  


Thanks scar!!!



Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

   Yupicon_exclaim.gif I commend you on the milestone.Thanks for the enlightening information,pictorials,and of course HUMOR.biggrin.gif I will continue to try to improve my "Bearview" capabilities,and although I realize I'll never achieve that level,I love the challenge.LOL

    Keep it coming my Brother , and as always...

Thanks Buddy!!!

I love your posts---AND your pictures are great !!!




Originally Posted by gotarace View Post

Congrats on the Milestone Bear!!!!

You have personally taught me a load about smoking and i look forward to your  next 9000 posts.

Your step by steps are classic tutorials helping beginners and master smokers alike, but your kind encouraging words to almost every thread by rookies make everyone that comes here welcomed!!! Thanks Bear...Len

Thank you very much Len!!!

That is what I strive for!!!

That is really great to hear, after being accused of scaring people away from this forum.

That kind of accusation makes me feel terrible, even though people who follow my posts know it is total BS!!!




Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post


Wow 9000 Wow ,  my Friend thanks for all of them.  I am here only a short time but i learn plenty from your knowledge  .

Keep it rolling .




Thanks Ahron!!!

You might have been here only a short time, but many of us have learned from you too!!!




Originally Posted by miamirick View Post

9000?   well i only got 7851 to go to catch up,  i guess i better put this beer down, quit looking at all the pictures and type more,  did you have to replace the keyboard yet 

whats the secret?  go online and type when mrs bear is on you to do chores around the house?   yeah thats it, you figure shes already on you so why not



Anyway   keep em coming!       


you look tired after all that work    take a nap!






LOL---Thanks Rick!!

You're catching up!!!

This is the second computer since I joined SMF.


Here's my Lazy Bear:

DSC03215 copy.JPG











Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Congrats Bear


I need one dem bears to take south.

Thanks Nepas !!!


My Bears don't speak the lingo down there!  

You'd have to chain them down, because they wouldn't understand commands! biggrin.gif




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