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king of the hill

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On the show hank says that tanks out in the heat off gas through pressure relief cause they get weakth_violent5.gif.The liquid is a refrigerant because it weighs 4.2 lb at 60f and expands at 1.5% per 10 f.Has anyone smelled their tank off gassing on a hot day?

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I had beans today! th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Thats a diffrent kind of gas thats methane or swamp gas.Get a smoker to run off farts and the food not taste like shoot and you could be verry rich.laugh1.gif

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I have noticed the gauge on my tank will go up in pressure when the sun hits it.

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Yea Al thats what i'm talking about.When it's realy hot the pressure in the jug goes up.

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