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For the vegitarians

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I started my pork butt for the Backyard farmers potluck. I used Jeff's rub and my favorite in injection.consisting of Capt. Morgan rum and black coffee.It will go into frige tonight and rest till about 4pm tomorrow.I'll be smoking it with cherry and apple.I'll keep in the smoker @ 225 till mid night then bring it into the house to finish in the oven.Once done I'll wrap it in towels and let it rest for a few hours before I pull it. more Q'vue to follow tomorrow





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Keep it coming!

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I kept it in the smoker last night for 5 hours, at the 4 hour mark I added a chunk of oak for a little more smoke, then brought it into the house and left it in a 225 deg oven over night. I checked the temp this morning and it was at 185 so I pulled and wrapped in foil and back into the warm oven. I'll pull it out in a couple of hours and shred the meat then into the foil pan and ready to go.




the kitchen smells unbelievable I most defiantly gonna have a pulled pork sandwich before this leaves the house.

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Looks absolutely delicious!


Can't wait to see it pulled!

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Totally fell apart, I used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, probably the next time I see that pan it will be empty.



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