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First ever smoke!! (Q-view)

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Hey guys, just finished my first smoke. 2 lb pork tenderloin with a light applewood rub. Just something small and simple to test the waters. All in all the meat turned out great, but I think there was a little bit of beginner's luck involved. The biggest issue I ran into was regulating my temperature/ water evaporation. I think the internal therm. on my smoker isn't as accurate as I'd like so I was bouncing up and down for the first hour or so trying to dial it in around 220. Kept having to add water because of quick evaporation. I'm guessing I was anywhere between 210 and 240 smoker temp throughout the cook. Took about 2 hours to get up to 160, then another hour in foil/cooler. Overall very happy. Here's what everyone's been waiting for (go easy on me!!).








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looks real good icon14.gif

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Well done !

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Smoke ring, some bark...........I'd hit that! drool.gificon14.gif

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Why go easy on you! That is beautiful work. Just a suggestion for future Pork Tenders...If you take them to 145*-150*F and rest you will have a really JUICY Tender product! Tenders are way too lean and delicate, to go to 160*. GREAT JOB!...JJ

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Wow .... I only hope my first effort will turn out as tantalizing as yours!!


happy eating

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Mmmmmmdrool.gif think I may have to pick one of those up tomorrow morning! Great look Q!

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What ChefJimmyJ said X2. BUT: I would be on that one in a heartbeat, nice work, geez Loueez that looks good.

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Excellent job!


But I agree 145 IT is much juicier.

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Thanks a lot guys!! Definitely a huge confidence boost.

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Looks good Rabbit,

Congrats on a smoke well done.


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