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smoked salmon help

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I have a question. Attempting my first smoked salmon fillets... I did a over night brine.. drained and dry the fish. I was planning on smoking right now how ever an emergency came to and I can't do it now. I allowed it to cure for about an hour... but put it in the fridge because j don't know when I will return. Will the cure still develop.. can I re-brine.. is this fish gonna spoil. Any suggestions will help. Thanks

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If it has been salt brined, it is OK. I have left fish out for hours to dry and form a pelicle with the aid of a fan. My buddy who used native recipes for fish, has left it out for days to dry. Salt is the chemical that inhibits bacterial growth.

Now the disclaimer, personally, I would never treat "pen raised" "farmed"  fish the same as wild caught. I do not have any scientific reason for my thinking. Just figure the chance of disease in penned animals is much greater.



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Well Dave. I put it in the fridge, should I take it out. I now probably can't start to smoke it til tomorrow morn. Or will it ruin it you think if it stays in my fridge. The fridge is set on the warmest temp (its an empty fridge) I can always run home and let it sit out overnight.. I just question my bribing process now.. damn rookie I am
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*brining process rather..
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Take the fish out a couple hours before smoking and put it under a fan to form a pelicle. Be sure to add any additional seasonings to the fish before going under the fan. Remember fish is a mild tasting meat and too much in the way of spices can overpower it. When the fish gets dry to the touch and has a "sheen" to the meat, it is ready to put the smoke to it. If you do not have a recipe as yet, try smoking for 2-4 hours below 110 deg if you can. (this is where the AMNS would be handy) Then raise the temp to 160 for a few hours. I like my fish cooked to 135.

There are many variations on smoking fish from hard smoked to a kipper. All are good depending what you expect the finished product to be.

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