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I just chewed a hole in my monitor......drool.gif

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I live in Bellingham, Washington and catch my share of Kings, Coho and Halis as well. I just got a smoker of my own. I love the look of what you did to smoke your salmon. Can you or rather would you be willing to share the process you go through to prep and then smoke yours. I guess I'm asking for your recipe, the temp you smoke 'em and length of time. If its a family secret I will understand. Either way thanks. Your salmon looks great, brother.



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No problem.


First filleted to desired width and thickness with skin removed. This recipe is for 10-12 fillets of silvers/reds (4-5) fish.


4 lbs light brown sugar

2 cups pickling/canning salt

1 cup onion powder

1 cup garlic powder

1/2 cup ground black pepper

1/2 ground cinnamon (optional)


Mix well in a large mixing bowl


Place fish in a large tub and sprinkle dry mixture over fish and thoroughly mix throughout.


Let sit for two hours and remix from bottom to top and allow to sit for another 4 hours (6 hours total)


Pull, rinse well and pat dry and place on wire racks used for or in your smoker. Let air dry for 12-14 hours or 8-10 with a fan blowing across them.


I smoke mine at 110-115 for 10-14 hours then at 160 to 180 for the next 2 hours or until desired [texture] is obtained.


Let cool for 1 hour then pack or vacuum seal.


You can add mayple syrup or additional sugar for sweeter salmon at the two hour brine mix.


I use hickory and apple mix for the pellets and/or dust.  Slight fine mix spray of apple juice at various times during the smoking process.


Hope this is helpful and keep me posted on your results.  Always enjoy sharing with fellow members that have an appreciation of good smoked items.




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One question...



>>>Place fish in a large tub and sprinkle dry mixture over fish and thoroughly mix throughout.


>>>Let sit for two hours and remix from bottom to top and allow to sit for another 4 hours (6 hours total) 



Do you let them sit at room temp or in the fridge??





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I leave them outside in my screen room where, here in Alaska, its about 45-50 at night.  any colder, it lengthens the time needed to get a good curing/brine.  Hope this helps.



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  It does help.


I subscribed to this thread for several reasons.


I want to do this.


The woman swoons looking at the pictures and sez..."I hope you do this soon"...


I will have to figure how much fridge time...It doesn't get below fifty here much.


The sacrifices I make to live near the beach...


 Have a great day!!



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I would add 2 more hours to the brine time inside a refer and let come to room temp naturally then remove and rinse--should give you a perfect match.



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Okay Rich,


I am about to start this recipe. I was given a filet of marbled King salmon by a buddy who just returned from fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada, a place he and I will be fishing together next week and always come home with our limits of Kings, Cohos and halis. I'm planing to do a lot of smoking of that fish I bring home. I'll let you know how this first batch turns out. Thanks for the recipe!


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Tried your recipe over the weekend on some salmon we caught down here in the San Juans. BIG THUMBS UP.

Thanks Alaskan Bear

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my pleasure sir, so glad you liked.



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Yeah, I bet you will enjoy those little nummiesdrool.gif. Do you create a Pellicle on themicon_question.gif , sweet, and how long and what temp.(cold?). I know you said with the AMNS,but maybe some heat ,too.

Just wondering.................

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