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Well, they're heeeere  first silvers of the year!!




10 and this is only a begining I hope!!




Filleted and ready for my dry brine




6 hours to go..




I so love smoked fresh salmon..




Stay tuned for more..



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Looks fabulous!!



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I never saw anybody keep coming up with such beautiful Salmon before-----& All kinds!!!



Thanks Brother Bear!!!!



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Brother, those look great!

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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I hate you..........Just kidding ! drool.gif

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Just teasing us again?  Man, that looks great.  You are a lucky guy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Only get farmed salmon down hereaussieflag.gifso you can imagine the difference,ours is more like a steelhead farmed in Tasmania. The colour of the fish you catch is mindblowingdrool.gifI eat as much as I can get when we come to Canada,developed a love for what the Canadians call Indian candy. Will work out a way to do something with local wild fish sooner or later. You must be a pretty good fisherman to boot.

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Awesome Rich!

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Rich, you are a mean bear.  These poor guys down here in the lower 48 haven't been exposed to such salmon goodness until you showed up.  Why, I do believe some of them are into Salmon Overload.  If you don't have your Guide Ticket yet, you ought to get it because I think there's going to be a rush of SMF'ers heading up to Willow to detox over some beautiful red meat.

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Got to love Alaska. You know you're making every one in the lower 48 jealous Rich.. biggrin.gif

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Where did you catch those? 


We are still working on the reds from dip netting this year.  55 fish in one tide!  Took longer to clean them than it did to catch them.


Got a bunch canned and vac packed, still pulling them out of the freezer to smoke up on my days off. 


Now to get some silvers to add to the stash and we will be set for the year. 


Kenai River Red Salmon



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I miss being on the coast and catching salmon. All we have is lil ol stinky trout here in MT biggrin.gif. We caught a bunch last weekend and I did a dry brine on them also, they turned out really good.



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Well got up extra early to finish air dry and to start up the smoker.








Got to love the AMZNP Smoker!!




The start of TBS..(0430)




Well both smokers going well and started--time to wait for the goods..

Will be back laters with the finals!!


Thanks for looking,




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All I can say is---------------->eek.gif  







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So do you smoke with no heat then???? I smoked my trout with my GOSM set on low (about 130*) until my AMNS ran out of dust. I would say about 6 hours, I really didn't pay attention to time.


Looks amazing!

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The offer for adoption is still there. biggrin.gif Your gazebo is looking good. icon14.gif

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Well, the finished product, so so very worth while time spent..














Hope you all enjoy.  I KNOW i will  yahoo.gif



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Sheer elegance!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Unbelievable !!!!



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