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The Recipes...


Bubba Beef Rub


Good on anything Beef. Burgers and Steaks too!


2T Turbinado Sugar

2T Kosher Salt

2T Black Peppercorns

1T Coriander Seed

1T Dill Seed

1T Dry Minced Onion

1T Dry Minced Garlic

1T Dry Lemon Peel (optional)

1tsp Allspice Berries

1tsp Dry Thyme Leaves

3 Bay Leaves, crumbled

1-2ea Dry Whole Chipotle Chiles, stems and seeds removed or 1tsp Chipotle Powder.


Add Cayenne if more heat is desired.


All Spices are Whole and are toasted in a dry pan over Medium heat until fragrant, 1-2 minutes. The Garlic and Onion do not need to be toasted.

Let the Spices cool then Grind in a cheapo Coffee Grinder until slightly less than Coarse. Mix with the Salt and Sugar. Store in an air tight container. Makes about a Half cup...JJ


Texas SR/Brisket Dip


1C Chopped Onion

1/2C Chopped Carrot

1/2C Chopped Celery

1T Minced Garlic

2T Olive Oil


Saute over medium heat until Golden...Add:


1-2 Bay Leaves

1T Paprika

1T Grnd Black Pepper

1T Dark Chili Powder


1tsp Grnd Cumin

1tsp Mex Oregano

1tsp Red Pepper Flake, or more

This option gives a bolder South West Flavor


Saute for 1 minute to awaken the flavors...Add:


6C Beef Broth

24Oz Dark Beer

1/2C Ketchup

1/4C Brown Sugar

1/4C Worcestershire Sauce

Salt to taste


Simmer 30-60 Minutes and Puree (what i did) or strain for an Au Jus type Dip.

I have since started Straing this every time for smooth Au Jus.



Lots of folks here FOIL Pork Ribs with APPLE JUICE for 2 hours...My Foil Juice was inspired by KCBS Grand Champion, Johnny Trigg...


Foiling Juice


For each Rack of Ribs Combine:


1T Pork Rub

1/2 Stick Butter

1/2C Cane Syrup... Dark Corn Syrup...or Honey

1/4C Apple Cider...or Juice

1T Molassis


Simmer 5-10 minutes until syrupy consistency.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes, pour over foiled Ribs and

run your 2 hour phase of 3-2-1. For the last phase return

the ribs to the smoker BUT reserve any Juice remaining

in the Foil. Glaze the Ribs for presentation or service.



I hope you enjoyed my work! Thanks to all of you here that share your knowledge and love of Q...JJ

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Great looking food there!  

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OMG, Jimmy!!!!!


Awesome Job!!!


Those last few BearViews shouldn't even be legal to show!!!!



Thanks for an outstanding thread!!!




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Thanks so much to all! I looked back at the Qview from my first run of Ribs in the beginning of July...They look like the McDonalds Fry Guy made them compared to what I just put out! I only have all of you guy's here to thank...My Wife is not complaining about all the time I spend here NOW!!!...JJ

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all looks great JJ!  MMMM havent had me some ribs in awhile....gonna try that foilin suace!

OH!! And if the wife does peep up again try this...devil.gif

Go about making yourself some smokey goodness and a nice plate for yourself for dinner sometime.

Make her a boiled hotdog plain and some potato chips....with a pickle spear for that extra touch...and leave it

on the counter while you sit down and start chowing...when she asks for her plate say "its out on the counter sweetie"rolleyes.gif

.....Just be ready to dodge the shoe in the air!!wife.gif



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A shoe? I was thinkin he'd get clocked upside the head with the plate and the hot dog. lurk.gif

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Thank you Chef Jimmy for adding the recipes....I will put that on my to do list the next time I fire up the smoker....which I hope is next week!  thumb1.gif

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Looks good Jimmy.  Those were some pretty looking short ribs.  Of course, they should have been. LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Ever consider upgrading your beer cooler? I have one I could donate if needed.

Nice job on the ribs, I love short ribs, we buy a half of a beef every year and get about 6 packages of these ribs, I use to cook them for the dogs, now that I know how to smoke them I wish I could go back in time.


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   Way to go JJLooks-Great.gif,I would like to get some Shorts,but on that story,I'm a little shook on;if I never checked the prices of ANY stock I ordered,it would be out of my pocketth_dunno-1[1].gif! But they did look excellent with all that marbling,but that seems outrageousicon_redface.gif.

   As they say,practice makes perfectpoints.gif.

   Thanks for the view....

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