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My First Whole Chicken Smoke

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This was my first attempt at smoking chickens. Took around 4 hours and boy did it smell good!


Here are a few pics. The first one is mopped with BBQ sauce.




The 2nd one is Cajun seasonings with Brown Sugar.




I think chicken is getting close to taking on 1st place of what I like to smoke and eat. Came out great, didn't take long and everyone enjoyed it!


I did 3 whole chickens, spatchcock style which ended up feeding 8 people. These pics where taken close to pull time. I opened my SFB and crisped up the skin on them before serving.

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They look great!


We like chicken here too,


and your right, they always come out good & don't take too long.

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Looks great!  I've been smoking a lot of chicken myself.  I split them too -- I think it works out best for me.  I've been doing brisket or pork for us to have on the weekend, then I always smoke two chickens for lunch during the week.  I just had some smoked chicken salad -- it was quite tasty of I do say so...


Very nice Qview!

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Great looking bird!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'm not much on the skin myself but that just might make me break the rules with a little moppin. Looks great! points.gif

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good looking yard bird. Makes me want to drag the Bubba out, but just to dang hot right now here in FLA.

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The birds look great

I have grown fond of the spatchcock method myself, They finish sooner than leaving them whole.


Thanks for the Qview drool.gif

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Nice looking color on those yardbirds
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a39.gifLooks like you did great! Bet it was tasty!

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I'll take a lower quarter of the cajun and brown sugar one. thank you very much !

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Looking good!

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Thanks all! My wife wants me to cook for her co-workers this week, so I'm doing a couple more birds and then this weekend the in-laws are coming to visit. I may try some pork tenderloin or something new.

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looks like a nice bird

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About a year ago I would have told you I hate BBQ chicken.  I know think it is my favorite smoke.  Quick easy tasty need I say more.  Do you brine your birds?


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I didn't brine those but I plan on trying it in the near future. Either way they turned out great IMO!

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Looks like you did quite well for your first or any time. Congrats

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