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Rival grind o matic 2700

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I found one of these on craigslist for $25 and was wondering if these grinders are any good. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.
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Do you have a photo?

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Here's the link to the ad, it's in there.  I thought it was $25, but going back to the ad, it's only $20:

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I poked around on google some...


Rival is an old American co..and it looks like they are still open.


Saw a few rival grinders on ebay.. 



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Looked at the CL url..heck yeah..I would prolly get it..


There is still parts and manuals for it.. at Rival.





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I don't see how you can go wrong for $20.



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awesome....thanks guys!  I figured it would be tough to go wrong, but this will be my first grinder, and I wanted to make sure I got an opinion from some of the experts on here first.  Thanks guys!

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It all depends on how much you grind, I only grind 3-5 pounds at a time myself so my puny grinder is all I need. biggrin.gif

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Meat is right.  You don't need an upscale grinder for small batches like some of us make.


With a used grinder, it would be nice to know about the condition of the blades, plates, etc.


I doubt you would go wrong at that price.


Good luck and good smoking.

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