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Congratulations!  Sounds like a great party with wonderful grub and great fun!  Thank you for asking and allowing us to give some insight!  It is great when a plan comes together!

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Here is the run down gang,,,See im not a Post and Go :)


I rubed both the 8lb pork shoulder down with kosher (Very little), Dark Brown sugar, Paprika, garlic powder, Fresh ground black pepper, and creole seasoning. I then injected some moores into both the brisket and shoulder in about 7 spots... Let them sit overnight


Threw the brisket fat side up, and had my butcher trim some fat off the brisket he cut me, I toothpicked about 4 rolls of fat and positioned them over the brisket foir the first 4 hours of the cook. I also sprayed apple juice before i shut the door.


So i have my brisket, with a pan underneath it to catch the drippings /ajure. Sprayed down with applejuice, And then this big ass pork shoulder sprayed down as well. try under that also.


And my water tray for humidity and smoker tray.



Smoked from 0730 - 1230 - Opened, took the fat rolls off the brisket. Sprayed with applejuice. sprayed my pork but with applejuice... Closed gate



Back on the smoker at 250 to get the smoke flowing (But only for 14minutes) then since those wood chips are cooking again, back at 225..



Total cooking time was 8hours for the pork shoulder @ 225


Cook time was 9 hours for the Brisket



I then put them in a bag, poured the dripping from each individual container that caught them over the meat. and carefully with a cooking rubber glove, packed the pulled port into ziplocks.


I repeated for the fresh cut brisket... They marinated in their ajure and dripping sauce...



Took this to my parents for a family party, and the 8lb pork was almost gone. The beef brisket was insane....i should have cgarged dammit!!



Key for me, bagging them, letting them sit in their dripping sauce...And when i reheated i used 2 crock pots set to medium.. one for beef other for pork...




Anytime I can help just Pm me. icon14.gif


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No Q-View?th_crybaby2.gif

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Sorry but what is coat with onlyS/CBP?

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Originally Posted by roachcoach View Post

Sorry but what is coat with onlyS/CBP?

S= salt

CBP= cracked black pepper


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