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Not cured or smoked but already cut up.

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I did some looking and searching but I'm not sure this is a common question.

My grandparents get a whole hog or 2 every year and keep the rest of the family pretty well supplied with chops and sausage etc.

For one reason or another the man who does their butchering packages his/their "bacon" fresh, raw and already sliced. 

What would you guys do with it, besides asking him to just package the belly whole from now on?


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Is it Side Pork? I have my Butcher do the same thing.  I use Tastefully Simple Grillin Seasoning on mine and then fry it up.  It's a really good cut with a different kind of flavor.  Besides, it's nice to have a variety of meats for breakfast. 

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If it's the belly's I say keep them whole. 

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Find a new butcher.  Get the bellies whole.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yep, keep it whole.

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Yup---Definitely keep it whole, or in pieces, but not sliced raw.




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He is a meatcutter, not a processor so the only avenue he has is to cut the belly into a useable product for them; i.e. sidepork, or fresh pork belly.  If you want it any other way just tell him, I'm sure he will do it any way you like.

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I had my first taste of side pork when FIL raised 2 pigs to divide for the 3 kids and himself. ('68). I really enjoyed it. Sliced really thick, 3/8" and fried. Uniquely different taste and delicious.

I would keep it the way they provided it. Thank them and buy more pork to process the way you would like it.

Periodically I buy store bacon and put it on a rack in the smoker on a shallow pan. Add pepper etc. and smoke for several hours and render some of the fat. Sure improves store bacon. You could try that w/side pork???

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Thanks for the replies guys.  I was wondering because it seems like a huge waste since I know my parents don't use it and I don't think the grandparents use it much if at all. 

Please don't think I was being unappreciative to them, I was just trying to find a use for what we already have that I don't believe anyone uses. 

I'll get ahold of some from my dad and try seasoning it and frying it like the guys who like the fresh side meat recomended.  I want to say we tried frying it and didn't care for it but that had to have been at least 10 years ago when I was living at home and who knows what if anything we put on it first.   

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