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Family Swamp Day!

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Bratsgrill2011_089.JPGTook the grandkids and family visiting from Missouri to the Swamp!  LOL  What a day.  Some cool pics below.



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Nice Pics !!!!


Thanks Shooter-----What do you catch there--LM Bass? Pickerel, Panfish, Perch, Gar, Eels, Cottonmouths??? All of the above???


I keep watching for something to suck that bird right off the log, or the fisherman right out of the boat!!!






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The dude in the mudboat is cutting the freeboard kind of close.  If one of those swamp lizards decides to climb in with him that could be funny!  Nice pics of the family

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Bass, Crappy called something like SacAlay which means Sack of Milk, catfish, mudbugs in traps, and the gators in this particular area are protected.  They duck hunt also but most other birds in the sancuary are protected and access to the nesting grounds is limited to certain times of year.  Brian Champlain our host is very interesting and it is his pic with the family.  He transitions from English to French seamlessly and the large 10 ft gator with her mouth open was gaurding her nest.  Brian got out of the boat to catch a lizard for my grandson and momma gator got a bit irritated and charged.  He held her off with a boat paddle and answered his cell phone to book another tour without missing a beat.  LOL  True story!  

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I think its sac a lait - white perch,  crappie  bag of milk


cafe' au lait   coffee with milk


Those private tours can be a lot of fun  glad you enjoyed yourself

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Bratsgrill2011_057.JPGBratsgrill2011_061.JPGBratsgrill2011_058.JPGBratsgrill2011_070.JPGBratsgrill2011_073.JPGBratsgrill2011_091.JPGJust a few more pics of the Atchafalaya Swamp Basin system.


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Thanks for the pics, looks like a great time. thumb1.gif

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Thanks for sharing rick. .................................icon14.gif

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Great photo's Rick!

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Awesome pics !!!

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   Man,I miss going to Louisiana,great folks and great food.Mmmmmdrool.gif Thanks for the memories.


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Looks like a great time and some beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing Rick

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That's really cool. Just like in the movies.

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