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Stuffed Pork- Loin

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Tried my first stuffed loin.I started with a 3 lb loin,seasoned with CBP ,Kosher salt.


Provolone and Fetta cheese

Diced onion




 Set smoker to 180 for 1 hr then bumped it to220 till i got an internal of 155.Rested for 15 minutes and dug in very tastey. 





  Potatoe bombs filled with cheese onions,garlic



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Oh Yeah!!!


I'll take a plate, just like that !!!






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Great looking meal, got a recipe for them tater bombs? drool.gificon14.gif

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wow , really looks good . i'm with meateater , how about the recipe for those tater bombs

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hey bigeyeddavid, i got a suggestion for another loin filling , prepare the loin just like the other, only spread prune on it then roll it up. the prune adds a little sweetness to it, its delicious

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Now that is one great looking loin. Nice roll up on them too. Now bout those potatoes? When we gonna see a play by play on those?
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Prune does sound good.I will have to try that. Tater bombs are any thing you want to stuff them with.I use sausage,spam,butter onions,garlic,ham,any kind of lunch meat,any cheese you like.

All you do is core a potatoe cut core in half put it back in 1 side of the tator.Stuff it with what ever you like.Place other half of core in tator,wrap in bacon.Foil potatoe place on grill at 375 degree's for about 1 hr and 15 minutes. I cut them in half lengthwise and put( Top the tator) on it.    

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Everything looks great David!


Gonna try the tater bombs the next chance I get.

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david , just a little clarification on the prune filling , i buy a can of prune filling , i don't try to put whole prunes in it , but that would probably work , just a lot harder

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Man what a meal....

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looks great send some over.

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