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Bacon soap

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Found some bacon soap and bacon band-aids.

Mmm bacondrool.gif look at bacon lovers while their

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I hear of a store in Tucson that has soap, toothpaste, and even deodorant.
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It on their too.

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Why is this in jokes? This is serious.biggrin.gif

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Let's see, you smoking away and trip over your coal starter and bang your head on the smoker. While cleaning up with bacon soap you take a shot of bacon vodka and then apply the bacon bandage.  Now realizing you have to be at work soon you grab the bacon gumballs. Hey lets keep this going.............




bacon gumballs.jpg

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Brush your teeth with bacon toothpaste and floss with your bacon floss .Then put on your bacon tie.ROTF.gif

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Yes, this is serious, but only for old farts.  I remember my mom and my aunt making lie soap in buckets of lard.


Oh well.


Good luck and good smoking.

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