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MAK/Bradley Hybrid Cold Cheese

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Did some cheese today in the M/B Hybrid smoker.





Using my MAK Remote control on the smoke setting.





Temp on my deck was showing 101* so i need to keep an eye on the cheese.


Here i have the door opened some. The IT of the box was 108*  The cheese at this point has 3 hours of apple smoke.




Ok all done. Has some fairly good color.




Wrapped and labeled. The M/B Smoker will work really good this winter for cold smoking.





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Looks good.  Temps are high here so I will have to plan a night smoke and probably still use ice.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yeah Venture


Know all about the Cali heat being a  S, Cali desert rat for 30 years. Dont miss the dry heat one bit.

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