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Cold Smoking in a WSM?

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If i buy the amazn pellet or sawdust smoker will I be able to smoke in the wsm using this for cold smoking cheese and bacon?


Do i need to go to a MES or propane cabinet smoker for better results?



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Sure you can, if the ambient temps are low enough.  We have guys on here using the AMNS to smoke in cardboard boxes.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You can easily cold smoke in your WSM using the dust or pellet smoker.


I do it all the time.


I also just use my Weber kettle for cold smoking.


If I have a large amount of cheese or bacon I will use my Smoke Vault, but most of the time the WSM or kettle is perfect.

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Your WSM will be perfect!


I use some stacking cooling racks I got at Walmart for extra room.  They cost $9.

Not sure they will fit, but I can check on my Weber Grill


Venture is correct about the temps.  For bacon it's not a big deal, but if you want to cold smoke cheese, you have to do it when the ambient temps are cooler.



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Absolutely. icon14.gif

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