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Mini-Pork Batches

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So, I'm looking into developing and modifying myself a pulled pork recipe and was wondering if anyone had ideas on expediting the process any.  I was thinking quartering my boneless shoulders (boneless is the cheapest way for me to get pork around here) and tying them then following the standard methods for smoking using my different recipes.


Any other ideas? Or concerns on this working?


The reason I'm looking into doing this is because my friend and I are looking into starting a small catering operation and I want to stand out and be special by having my own recipes and sauces.


Thanks for the help guys. I'll post my findings when its all done

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You are going to have to experiment with different techniques until you find the one you like.


There are so many variations of PP that you have to decide what works for you.


More bark, less bark, vinegar based sauce, tomato based sauce, foil or no foil.


I would use the search & look at all the different variations then start trying them.


Eventually you will find the perfect PP for YOUR taste.

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Any concerns on quartering the pork?

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My opinion is you cant hurry a good thing .

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

My opinion is you cant hurry a good thing .

I'm with him i think you would be best long and slow with a bone IN i think it adds flavor if u can find it.  BUT you can make it days earlier and just warm it up i think it is better the next day the vinger has time to help brake down some of the connective tissue and let the flavors blend

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