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Getting better by the hour! drool.gificon14.gif

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what a great thread...  Ive loved every post.  the food looks great Dave.     drool.gif

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We're into food coma now.  Dave will be along in the early am to finish off his portion of the thread.  A good time was had by all attendees (sounds too formal).  There are no leftovers for Sunday.  I think we're going out to Carl's Jr for burgers, just cuz.  Now we've got to start plotting for the next big gathering.  It's all good.  Thanks for joining us on this journey.  If we've inspired one other to try something new, we've done our job.


~NWDave (to avoid any confusion) (there were 3 Daves here today).

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Those Ribs look Awesome!!!

I didn't think Cops were allowed to accept gifts like Gold, Silver, Diamonds, or Ribs----Not necessarily in that order!!!  police2.gif


Thanks for a great thread Daves!



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Got too into entertaining and forgot to take pics of the serving pans...  So these are all I have, just off the smoker.


2011-07-30 18.30.48.jpg


2011-07-30 18.31.08.jpg


2011-07-30 18.31.16.jpg


2011-07-30 18.31.23.jpg


Needless to say, no one went home hungry

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That brings the fun into it when the family is involved...It all looks just great so far....I like the bike...

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About you can say is:



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Nice finish ! drool.gif

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Awesome Competition, everyone wins! Still kinda hot to jump on my VTX1300

but, I may have to suck it up and ride. I loved this thread...James

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Great job by all!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Dave, as in NWDave, you and I both know them youg whippersnappers never stood a chance.  I give you credit for going with a new to you piece of equipment though to try and give them the feeling of being on an equal footing.pot.gif  If they keep practicing, and you stop, they may catch up in 30 or so years.th_violent5.gif  Enjoy.



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Looks like lots of fun to me. drool.gif

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Yes, it was a lot of fun.  Even though it was a friendly competition, we all put forth our best efforts and the true winners were the family and guests who were able to eat as they desired ( a little here, a little there, then back for seconds or more((I saw that!!!!!)))biggrin.gif.  Smoking foods is something we three enjoy doing.  You can't ask for better than that.  Thank you for all the kind remarks and to all who joined us on this "fun run". We'll be sure to invite you all back for the next smoke. 


A note to all newbies and lurkers:  Now you see how it's done and how we post the Qvues.  Any questions????  There are literally thousands of your fellow smokers just waiting to help you out, no matter what the question.  I know I've been really helped along the way.  I've got a long ways to go but I know where to turn to for help and suggestions.  NOW, get out there and smoke something, then post the QVues.



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Guys it was a great competition and  really we at SMF  are the winners .we got to see two masters at there bast at work thanks.


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I just about licked the monitor..lol that is some good look "Q" thanks for posting!!!!

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Great job by all Dave's! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and some great eats. Loved following along.

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Thanks Dave(s) !!!!!



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Great jobs Daves. Everything looks great. I think everyone there won.

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Man you three are all knocking it out of the park. There can be no loosers in this contest points.gifto all of you if I could 

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Thanks for all the compliments and praise.  To add, one of our guests went out and bought a Brinkman Horizontal combo grill smoker yesterday.  Just spreading the word!  Of course he asked me to teach him to use it, any question what link he is getting?

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