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Pork Serloin w/ da view

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Picked up a pork Serloin the other day in hopes of a pulled pork, however it was all they had.  After doing some research it appears it would be better done to slice, so that's what i did!


Uncooked and rubbed shot:



Cooked and pretty shot:




and the slice shot:




Over all it turned out really good.  I rubbed it the day before cooking, and injected with some apple juice for fun, i was surprised how much it tasted like ham, not sure if they cured it at the store or what, but it was very hammy


Last shot of the "helper" waiting for a nibble



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Looks really juicy, what temp did you take it to ? Great looking helper you have. icon14.gif

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We took it to 155 internal, really worked out well. The helper can be a handful, but she's a good dog.

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I would take that to 140 internal, wrap and let rest.  It will come up several degrees and be more moist that way.


The pork sirloin is an under-appreciated cut. Lean, budget conscious, and very moist/tender when taken to lower temps.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I did actually foil it at 145, and added some apple juice to it at that time too.  I agree about the pork sirloin, i would do it again in a heartbeat, i still have to do a pulled pork from the smoker, but i have all the time in the world for that

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Looks great!   icon14.gif

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looks good

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