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First Butt Experience

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Oh my... the subject of this post sounds like this could be pronographic.  It's only that way to Pork lovers I reckon :)


Had thursday off, so decided to smoke a butt on wednesday night, for an early dinner on thursday.  Rubbed and let sit in the fridge for a few hours (mustard and doctored up grillmates pork rub).


Also, doing some chicken thighs so I can have a snack about 3:00 am.




Got the smoker heated up, and put these in about 10:00 pm.





Hit 170 about 8:00 am, foiled until 205, removed, placed in cooler, and pulled about 2:00 pm.  It was reading 195 on the thermo when I decided to pull it.


Took it out of the cooler, and it looked like this:





Close up:





took my hand, and pressed it along the top of the butt, like a piano player does when he runs his hand over the keys real quick, and it fell apart like this.  It was awesome, and without a doubt the tastiest meat I have ever cooked in my life.





My many heart felt thanks and warmest wishes to everyone who has posted tips and tricks for the Char Griller SFB grills, and for the wonderful rub and sauce receipes as well.  I also made that one guys slaw we were talking about last week, and it was awesome!!!



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That's some beautiful looking PP you have there!


It has really great color!


It just looks delicious!



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Jack Nicholson 2 thumbs up.jpg

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LMAO.....great shot

Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

Jack Nicholson 2 thumbs up.jpg


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congrats on some beautiful looking PP....great job

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Looks great from here.  Your taster was the final test.


I think you are on your way to making some great Q!


Good luck and good smoking.

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looks great from here

i'll refrain from the obvious lewd comments butt it was fun

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Looks great congrats ! Sqwib, did the Lakers move? sausage.gif

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Nice Butt!!!


Great looking pulled pork!!!


Nice BearViews too!!!





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