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let the mods begin!

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ok, so i have read lots of threads here on how to seal up the char-griller and firebox, so today i started on mine


i did the chimney mod. right now it is just bent along the lid and seems to stay put for the most part, so i will see later if i want to clamp it or screw it to the front. just a worm screw clamp at the top




then i got a couple of pieces of aluminum angle irons and cut them to length and gorilla glued them to the sides where the lid comes down. will either do the fire rope or rtv mod on these to seal it. i couldnt find the fire rope (or whatever its called) to seal it at Lowes so will head to Home Depot tomorrow









next i will work on sealing up a few pre-drilled holes and a baffle mod, as you can see, what i do now is raise one end of the bottom pan to get the smoke to come up a bit, not sure if it works or not, but so far i havent had any complaints!


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Interesting idea on using Gorilla glue, keep us updated on how it holds up.  Another idea would be to use JB weld on those angle pieces.  I have the Outlaw w/sfb and made a expanded metal basket 12"W x 12"L x 6"D  be fore warned you will need to trim the back and front side of the basket so it will fit the curvature of the sfb AMHIKicon_redface.gif

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