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boykjo's reverse flow build 05/07/2015 update - Page 8

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Getting closer..... Looks like it may work..... biggrin.gif
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Where ya planning to put the bottle opener?

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Very nice looking smoker!! Can't wait to see what the first rack of ribs look like you put on that thing!!  Those speckled trout looked awesome too!  I miss fishing for those fish!  Great eating too!

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That really looks nice Joe !
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Very nice.  Love the integrated drain.

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Awesome job Buddy Thumbs Up

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Does anybody know what site I seen stainless steel vents on ?
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With the weather being in the 80's today I'm back at my build. Finished one side of the door and installed the cooking rack guides. This wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. There is a small gap in the middle sides of the doors. I planned on tacking the band to the smoker side then heat and bend the strap and tack it as I bend until is formed to the tank. Then weld the door to the strap and cut the tacks off and grind clean. It worked out well. I didn't get any war page and the band has a pretty tight seal. I will fill the gap with some high heat rtv and you wont even know its there.



You can see on the far end the gap in the center of the door. that will get filled in with rtv





pretty nice fit up




its getting closer... :grilling_smilie:


Thanks for looking

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Lookin' better.... icon14.gif
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Looks good Joe

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Hey Joe gunna be a nice one, Can't wait



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Looking good Joe hope to see you in a month.

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Yep. Wont be long...
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Finished the doors and installed the door stops. I need some 1x1/2 flat bar to finish the firebox door and don't have any so I'll have to get to that next week along with materials for the grates....... As soon as it warms up a few coats of paint will clean her up...... I'm hoping to fire the smoker up in a few more weeks. 






Thanks for looking



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Looking Good Joe, I like the larger dia. stack         



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Very nice! Subscribed!

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You better get to work if ya gonna take that to Fla. with ya!

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Its not going to florida. Its going to the NC gathering in concord third week in may. It will be ready by then



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Scored on some paint... Lowes has discounted 1200 degree heat paint. saved a bunch of money. Bought 16 cans.. Should be plenty for the smoker.............:biggrin:


Rust-Oleum 15-oz Hi Heat Ultra Bonus Spray Paint


Was: $4.89

Save  75%  thru 04/16/2015



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Lucky Duck,  I wish I could find a deal like that. Wow 



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