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Bar-B-Que Chicken Noodle Soup

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Here we have a freshly-smoked whole bird and the setup for a pot of some noodle soup.


chicken setup


I decided to make my own stock for this so after pulling the bird apart I used the carcass and the bones, plus some seasonings and veggies; and let the stock boil-away.  Yes, that is a spicy red thai pepper floating there in the center of the pot.  :)




And now for the conclusion; strained the stock, threw in some more chopped veggies and more seasonings, then finished with some fatty (wide) noodles, delish...



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That looks great, I use everything but the cluck myself also. I saw that tray of peppers and thought you used them all at first, which would be good by me ! kewl.gif

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Looks great!

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Oh no, I think that entire tray of peppers would have been overkill; I only used a small handful.

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Looks great Austin!

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Austin this is a new look on a chicken soup .it looks amazing . it will go on my to do list thanks


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Man I love soup and yours looks incredible.

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Very nice, Thanks for sharing your recipe  thumb1.gif

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