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Newest Smoker Needs Help.

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Hey - Just got a direct flow smoker for Father's day, and I started out smoking a beautiful Boston Butt a few week ago.  I got a good fire going and a lot of smoke, the temp was constant at about 235 and I checked everything every hour, carefully basted the hunk of pig, adding wood, etc...  After a full day, 9 + hours, I was surprised at how little the roast had shrunk while I was carrying it into the kitchen.  About 30 minutes later I was even more surprised to discover that the roast was in fact RAW!!!


I blamed this disaster on the fact that I had placed a large drip pan under the roast and the pan had some how blocked the heat.  Well today I'm giving it another shot, this time with a small brisket of beef.  Its been on for about three hours and it's starting to look like I'm in for a repeat of the last performance.  No drip pan this time, good fire, and temp is steady at 250.  What am I doing wrong?  Any suggestions before I give up smoking forever?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi joh007,


Welcome. Do you have a probe thermometer? internal temp is everything. Drip

pan should not have made a difference. Briskets are tricky devils cause they

can stall on you, sometimes up to 2 hours. Patience, patience.Usually one and

a half to two hours per pound.


You'll want the IT to get to a steady 195*, don't think hours, think temp.

After that, spritz it with some apple juice wrap it in foil, cover it with towels and

throw it into a cooler for about an hour. Temp should be anywhere from 195 -205.


Pull it out, slice, and then you'll know if you want to give up or not, I'm thinking



Best of luck and skill to you and keep us posted, with pics (Qview)....James


P.S.- you'll get some great advice on here, you should also sign up for Jeff's

5 Day course, it's free and jammed with great info.

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Do you have  a pic of your smoker? That would help us help you. Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to  your first qview. icon14.gif

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Yep, we need to know more about your smoker, and pics would be helpful to determine if it was assembled correctly.  I suspect your pit therm may be off, and if you are using a factory therm, I would almost guarantee it is off.  Also, you need to probe your meat with a therm(preferably wired or remote) a couple hours into the smoke so you can monitor internal meat temp.  We do not cook to time, we cook to internal temp.  Don't give up, you will get there and there are lots of experienced and friendly folks here who will help you on your way!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


What they said, cook by temp not time.


Get a good thermometer to monitor both the meat temp & smoker temp.


It will only get easier, as you learn more.

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Welcome and they are so right, put your questions out there and they will help...  They have helped me bunches.....

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Yep they got you covered



Post Pictures

New Thermos (calibrated)

thermo for meat (calibrated)

Pan should not make a difference.


I have to agree that your chamber is not getting much heat and watch that smoke, a lot of smoke is not a good thing and if your'e getting too much smoke, you may be chocking your fire.


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Thanks so much for the help and encouragement! I am going to get pictures of my smoker up because I think there are some built in design flaws that aren't helping.  Thanks again.

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