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Venting mod on a Smoke hollow electric unit

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The air circulation was terrible in this unit from the factory. They only give you a hole about the size of a pencil in the upper rear. smoker 010.jpg

smoker 011.jpg


I drilled 3 holes 3/4 inch holes with a hole saw in the upper rear and on the side right around the area of my chip tray.

The smaller holes where from the original mount for the factory vent.


smoker 012.jpg


I drilled the same holes in a piece of galvanized and cut out a 5 inch circle.




smoker 013.jpg

smoker 014.jpg


smoker 015.jpg


Now I can adjust intake and exhaust easily. I just spin the disc the open as much as I need. I got a perfect amount of smoke for the first time with my ribs since I can dial it in.

The work quality should have been much better but I decided to do this about 20 minutes before the days dinner was to go in the unit.

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Nice job, this should be a wiki. first.gif

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What an EZ Mod!

Electric smokers all are starved for air.

I'm not sure what the Manufacturers are thinking???


Great Job!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks for there great Pic. I just made the adjustments to my electric smoker and it works awesome now... Looking forward to doing ribs this weekend..



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I am glad it worked out for you. Such an easy thing to do to make a huge difference. Enjoy the ribs.

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Nice mod's, I wondered about that with my electric smoker.

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Great job, Kevin.


Are those bolts holding the galvanized on or just sheet metal screws?

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Neat job. I'm really looking forward to getting my SHES to actually smoke stuff.


Are those two thermometers on the left side of the smoker? What kind are they, and do they work well?


How did you make the handles on the disk? How do they attach?


Thanks again for the pix.



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Thanks so much for this idea, I just finally got around to Modding my smoker and it seems to really work great.  As you can see......I'm not great with Tin snips but it worked out great I also put a vent on the side by the chip tray.  Used it the same day and it was the first time I can honestly say I had TBS rather than a cloud of white smoke.



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