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Nice PP. Looks delish. Your party guests will be quite happy I think.

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Wow! This will teach me not to neglect checking the forum for a few weeks.


I just did pulled pork, ribs and chicken for 45 + kids at our own family reunion last weekend. But I wasn't smart enough to cook ahead -- so a lot of work and not much sleep until after we sent all the relatives home with their "reunion bags". I will definitely try this next year!

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Aren't distantly related??  I didn't get my invite to the reunion. frown.gif

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Nice job.  Pass me a plate, please!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Family Reunion was Saturday and the PP was a big hit.  Thank you for all the suggestions.  As planned, I heated the defrosted PP in simmering water in doubled freezer bags, then in catering pans for serving.  Worked great. 


I will do this from now on when I do butts, so I can freeze small meal sized amounts for the wife and I.


Thanks again for your help.

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absolutly beautiful!!!!


nice job.....

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These were great tips I will have to try them.


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Nice job, glad to hear the reunion went well!


Just FYI - if you are going to use the pork within 5-7 days you don't even have to freeze it. You can either vaccum pack it or ziploc it and put it in the fridge - but freezing works just as well (and keeps the family from "snacking" on it all week!).

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