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Hi all!,


I just wanted to post in the roll call for homebrewers. :-)  I've been homebrewing for about 7 years now.  During 2012 I brewed 2-3 times per week when I owned my LHBS.  I had my shop for about 2 years. Unfortunately when you are in a small city, it's hard to compete with the big boys out there in the industry and too many locals didn't appreciate what I offered.  My brewing these days has really slowed down.  I'm lucky to brew a couple times per year but I'm working to change that.   I have been brewing all grain since day one.  Anyhow, I'm here for folks if they have questions.  


FYI, if you are looking to clone a commercially available beer, let me know. I'm pretty good at deciphering commercial beer.  




Joe Gill

Townsend, MT

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I have been home-brewing since 2008. I got started with a Mr. Beer kit I got one Christmas. I quickly outgrew it and got into 5 gallon batches.
I do extract and mini-mash kits but I have done a couple all-grain one gallon brews.
My last brew was a Pliny the elder clone.
All my homebrew is bottled, but I am thinking of getting a kegging setup.
IPAs and Stouts are my favorite styles.
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Hi, I brew beer and make wine and cider, have for about 15 years.  I grow my own fruit when I can and the wines I make incude berry, plum and apple wines. I like to make hard cider and just put up a bunch from this years bumper crop of apples. Blackberries are one of my favorite wines. I brew mostly IPAs and stouts for my own and friends consumption. Looking forward to sharing recipies, ideas and equipment designs


Regards, Chas.

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I've been brewing only for about a year. My first few batches were extract. Then began doing small batches of all grain. Fun to do with my wife. She loves stouts and porters and I'm a hop head (IPA all the way!) The last batch we brewed was a chocolate stout. Unfortunately I made a total rookie mistake. I generally bottle with conditioning tablets, but our chocolate stout called for maple syrup. So we bottled with maple syrup...and because I was in auto- pilot (wait for it) I also added the conditioning tablets. I didn't realize it until a couple days later. I cracked open a bottle to check and out shot a geyser of chocolate foam. Ugh. Luckily it was a small batch. Chalk it up to "experience". Lesson learned. We plan to rebrew the chocolate stout, then we'll move onto an oatmeal coffee stout, and then a couple batches of IPA. Hoping to sample with a peach pale ale for summer as well.

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I bought 3 kits at Northern Brewer during their 20 bucks off each kit sale.  I will brew the 2 IPAs next weekend. 

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I brewed an all-grain Advantageous Weizenbock kit from Northern Brewer. It's rockin and rolling in the fermenter now.
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I almost bought the all-grain equipment kit at Northern this weekend.  They ran a special two free beer kits with purchase of it. 

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Hiya Homebrewers, I didn't realize there were so many on this forum.  Just bottled a nice Kölsch.  I couple of weeks conditioning in the bottle and I'll be enjoying a great summer treat.

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I did extract kits for about 2 years and probably did 20 or so.   I had mixed results.   Some were ok and some not so much.  

Bottling was all rainbows and unicorns at first.   After the first couple of hundred bottles, eh, I can drink em faster than I can wash em. 

I'll leave beer up to the people that are wiser than I.


 I'll still do about 25 gallons of Apfelwein a year though.  I just started 11 more gallons over the weekend.

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Yeah, bottling gets old really quick.  Kegging your beer is the only way to go.

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I bottled my DIPA and IPA last weekend and racked the barley wine to the secondary.

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Looks amazing!!! Thanks for the view!

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Been brewing with a couple of friends for 2 years.  All grain.

Our latest brew was our "Shipwreck Oyster Stout".

A bad pic of our recipe:.

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I'm not a home brewer of beer, Used to make moonshine years ago in my garage.....thats all I'm gonna say!

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I"m a home brewer- nothing quite like a full smoker and some good home brew especially with friends who enjoy your smokes and brew with you !

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I just joined the forum and am just getting into smoking.  I can't wait to smoke some meat while brewing beer.


I started brewing extract a year ago and for the past 5 months have gone to All-Grain with a new 20 gallon, all stainless, single tier, 3 vessel, natural gas system.


I just brewed a blonde ale and have three 5 gal. kegs on tap in my brand new full size fridge converted kegerator.  Will not be bottling anymore unless needed for keg room.


My favorite style is IPAs, anything super hoppy!

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Hello All,


I have been brewing as long as I can remember. My dad brewed when I was little, and I picked it up so 15-20 years in some capacity


Full all-grain, cooler tun, 5 gallon batches but always adding


Last beer was a Session-ish IPA, brewed with an ESB yeast. Have some ingredients in the mix for a hoppy Brown for when the Baby gets here. 


Have been kegging for a year now, best decision ever (Hint: if your kegging get your hands on the half growlers to take places of give to people)


No real Favorite, depends on the season, depends on the day, will drink near anything. 

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Homebrewer here mostly partial mash. Occasional extract and sometimes small batch brew in a bag.
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Are you doing 5 gallon kits or are  you dong it from mash  and hops with the complete boil down

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I use 5 gallon kits for partial mash and extract kits. When I do brew in a bag I usually buy the ingredients and make 2 gallon batches.
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