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BBQ Sauce

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I am pleased to announce I made my first sauce Friday night.  I have been told to keep it sealed and let it set for a week before opening it which works out nice because I plan on doing a brisket next weekend. 


I used the following:

Corn Syrup


Apple Cider Vinegar

Tomato Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Mustard (powder)

Garlic Powder



Black Pepper

Red Pepper

Chile Powder

Pureed Vidalia onion

Pureed Habanero pepper

Pureed Jalapeno Pepper



I think that is it.  I mixed it all up and boiled and reduced it.  I got about half a gallon.  It smells and taste great but I cannot wait until it has set for a week!



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I'm not much of a sauce guy but with habanero and jalapeno id' give it  a shot. icon14.gif

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Sounds great!  Looking forward to hearing the final assessment in about a week.


I started making my own sauces as a teen cooking CSR's & beef ribs.  Sometimes I even stewed them in the homemade sauces.  Good times & good memories (not to mention great food)!  Use to make it all by the seat of my pants without recipes or notes -- so it was hard to duplicate the results, but no one ever complained.  439.gif  Now I am a little more methodical.

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I forgot to say I also put in some cumin and brown sugar!  I found a basic recipe and then got a little crafty with it.  The good thing is I measured and wrote everything down so I can do it again or add or remove certain things as well.


I can't wait either!


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Looking forward to the final review!

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The sauce was damn good!  I am very impressed with myself on this one.  It could be a little thicker but all in all real good.  It has a good spice to it with a little heat(my kids eat it)  and then it has a great smokey sweet side as well. 


$5.00 a bottle boys! 



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