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Smoked Pork Loin

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I have a 7# boneless pork loin I want to smoke.  Would like a little advice on the following questions:


1.  What should the smoking temp be?

2.  At that temp, how long per pound should the cook time be?  I plan to pull it around 140 degrees, wrap in foil, wrap in heavy towels & place in a closed cooler...just like ribs. 

3.  I plan to use Jeff's Naked Rub on it.  Should I also put a few bacon wraps round it to help maintain moisture?


Any additional comments will be appreciated.




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I run the smoker at 225 for loin. I really have never paid attention to time when I have done them so I am not 100% sure.


As for the bacon. Everything is better with Bacon.

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Your plan sounds great, just cook to temp not time. USDA recommends 145 by the way. 

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Sounds like you have a plan. If you pull it at 140 & wrap it  in foil & towels it will continue to cook. Leave your probe in it & when it hits 145 it's ready to eat.

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Loin is one of the easiest smokes you'll do. I run temp at 220 and use a rub similar to Jeffs and it usually takes 3 to 4 hours to get to 145. I wrap it and into the cooler for an hour or so and it's ready to slice. I don't use a bacon wrap and the loin is still nice and juicy. Bacon never hurt anything tho. :)  You didn't say what kind of wood you're using but I've had great results using apple and peach. Hickory is always good with pork but I think the fruit woods add a little sweet smoky taste that's just delicious. Sounds like you have a good plan, if you have any more questions we're here to help.


Good luck!

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