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Cured Brined Spatchcocked Yardbird

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Just like the title says, I used cure #1 according to the MFG’s  amount along with ½ cup kosher salt to 1 gallon of water and a bunch of lemons and limes and into the fridge for about 30 hours. I gave it a good rinse and let it sit overnight with the rub mixed with olive oil. I smoked with apple chunks until 170 in the breast. I wasn’t worried about crispy skin since I just use it to make broth anyways. This was so good and moist. Enjoy ! 







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That's a good looking bird!

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Nice and juicey i want to try the spatchcock method looks tastey

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Thanks guys, it cooks a lot faster that way just under two hours for 4.5# bird. 

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Bro... that is one fine bird you got there indeed

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Nice job!!!


My favorite kind of Bird---Cured & Smoked!!!!




Nice BearView too!!!




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MMMM now I want a chicken sammie!!



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That is one good looking bird!


Great color on the skin!

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It looks yummy

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